Aloe pup growing in wrong spot + wobbly plant

Akron, OH

I have a plant that I have had for between 2 and 3 years now that I rescued as just a tiny thing left behind by the house's previous renters. It has had several spouts/babies before.There have been 9 total, all of which had popped up out of the soil, having started near the base and roots of the plant. I've been worried about the main/original plant for a little while now as it' gotten quite wobbly lately and I've had to prop it up, but I now have another concern as well. After separating the last bunch of them I now have one more, but it's sprouting higher up on the plant, in place that seems like it would be a very bad (for the original plant) spot to have a new pup growing. There is also a small tear near this new growth.

Is this normal? Will it hurt my main plant, should I try and kill off the new growth? Is there any thing else I can do for the wobble? I'm not sure what the max plant to pot ratio is, if I'm a bit late (I feel like I am since looks a bit tight to me) or early, but I did get a bigger pot this weekend and some new/fresh soil for it, so any extra advice there would also be appreciated.

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Coulterville, IL

I grow Aloe's and my main plant is 3 yrs old and not up right since i put in in a bigger pot, it is doing fine and sprouting babys, so yours should be just fine, if its green and sprouting babys i would just let it go for the winter. and mine has a few new growths on the stem part too and it seems just fine.

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