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I have recently done a lot of research into obtaining canning lids. Rubbermaid-Newell has moved its corporate headquarters to my community. They own Ball, Kerr, Golden Harvest and other brands. From what I have learned there will be no metal lids available until at least late fall if not until the end of the year. C19 caused plant shutdowns for safe workplace retooling.

Online sites with "Ball" lids available for a reasonable prices and showing Ball packages are bogus overseas sites. Beware. Otherwise consider, if canning is important to your food preservation for the coming year, going to reusable lids such as Tattler. My suggestion and concern is directed to those who are dependent upon food preservation. Once it becomes known that metal lids will not be available there might be a run on reusable. Heads up.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Maypop my mind is just whirling! Went to Amazon to look and saw the silicone rings. since I am self taught and have no one to ask for advice I will probably bug you or do some research. You just use the rubber or silicone rings like you would reg. canning lids? I see the silicone rings are made in China for Cornucopia. Did some more reading on another page.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I am not promoting a product brand but had been considering the Tattler lids for several years and thought they were price prohibitive. Amazon's prices are higher than other sources offering free shipping. I found a source offering three dozen wide and three dozen regular for $54.25 including free shipping. Since this is a new method for me I thought seventy two lids was a good jumping off point to experiment. I have metal lids but plan on adding several Tattlers to each batch until I feel confident.

The plastic lids and nitrile gaskets are placed in a bowl and boiling water poured over them. They are then removed to a clean towel and a gasket fitted onto the lid which has a raised inner lip. It then goes onto the jar and a standard metal ring is used to screw down. There are differences in jar fill (slightly less) and band tightening (not as tight) from standard metal. This is because the thicker than metal gasket makes it harder for steam to escape which is necessary to create the vacuum. Once jars are out of the canner the lids are then firmly tightened down. You can see the lid suck down as the jar seals. There is no ping which bothers some. I admit to loving that ping myself. It seems people have a problem adapting to this variation but how hard can it be?

The Tattler product is advertised as being made in the U.S.. Michigan, I think. I don't know about other brands. For me the most important thing is to not have concerns sourcing supplies when there have been so many recent shortages, price gouging and scams. Considering the lack of metal lids I wondered how long before reusable lids become scarce? As it is it will take two weeks for my order to be shipped. This must have serious implications for people who rely on home food preservation and are needing to can their harvests now throughout fall. My concern is we will see more unsafe methods. I'm definitely not in a position to teach at this time but am happy to share what I have learned along the way.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Laurel that is all I ask is for someone that can share.Now if my Aunties were alive they would be the ones I would go to. They canned with the rubber rings. I never thought of doing a couple of jars per batch. Good idea. Thanks.

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I hope to clarify and not confuse. Once again, the company that owns and manufactures Ball, Golden Harvest, Kerr and several others, including Jarden in Canada, is Newell. I read that Jarden Brands is now the parent company for the food preservation division. The real Ball website can be reached through or the Jarden Brands website. There are no lids! Besides, I don't believe Ball has sold direct to the consumer for several years though Jarden does.

Ball Official, Ball USA and all those names with Ball in them are not affiliated with the Ball glass company. Real Ball lids and jars have a company logo inscribed in the glass or on the lid. If you look at the lids and jars on there are no logos.

It's not my intention to suggest what products to use. I only wanted to expose what I consider an unethical, while apparently legal, practice. Because a company makes a lid that fits on a Ball jar that does not make it a Ball lid. I had been reading about complaints of lid failure and then it began to be pointed out that the lids were not the real deal. Thus the "buyer beware".

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

This link to the North Carolina Extension Service pretty much sums it up.

What is not explained is why reusable lids with gaskets are not USDA endorsed. They came into the market in 1976, one year following the last lid shortage. Research at the National Institute For Home Food Preservation, the food preservation division of the USDA which is located at the University of Georgia, did not begin until 2013. It has still not been published. Lack of funding has been blamed. Meanwhile, home canners have been using various brands of reusable gasket lids for more than forty years.

The USDA does not endorse any product or method without their documented research. This is the same justification as to why canning squash and pumpkin was removed from newer publications. They lost the research, done many years ago, from their archives! Since different squashes and pumpkins have different densities they would have to spend years figuring out processing times and safe shelf longevity. Having that information would sure be helpful.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Update on Tattler lids. I ordered six dozen directly from the company and not through Amazon which is more expensive. They finally came albeit after more than six weeks rather than within the two weeks promised. They sent emails explaining back orders but the delay should have been explained up front. Points lost for customer service. Now for the test...

I brought twelve wide and twelve regular lids and gaskets to Maypop. We were here to check on the house after hurricane Zeta and a four day power outage. Thought we'd take our election angst into the woods. We had to clear our wooded mountain road of limbs coming in, so slow going, and when we finally looked up at the house we saw the tree on the roof. There are currently five guys with five chain saws, a 150' bucket truck, skid loaders and more wrecking havoc outside the kitchen door. The noise is deafening. Its a good time to do some de-stress canning.

This is really about the lids and I'm here to report they are fantastic! Very easy to use and I had 100% seals. I canned eight pints of great northern beans for winter soups using six wide and two regular lids and gaskets. Can't wait to do more while I intend to order another six dozen and move on from metal. If I can help anyone interested in learning this process let me know. It's only slightly different.

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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Thanks for the info. Will be thinking on it. The only thing I plan on canning is Venison. Otherwise I am done for the year and I do have lids.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I continually turn over jars. As summer garden produce gets used jars are filled with stocks, soups, chili and beans. I'll be buying an extra turkey to deconstruct and can. The international market has great prices on greens and root vegetables at this time of year while I have beautiful kale to pick and can.

We picked almost four gallons of sweet and hot peppers a few days ago. I dry roasted sweet peppers and pressure canned them yesterday in assorted, but legit, half pints. All sealed. Some hot ones will get pickled and the remainder will be fermented for around six weeks for hot sauce.

The idea of not tossing four or six lids in recycling every time I make soup is super as is not being concerned about running out of lids. I ordered an additional thirty-six wide mouth lids now that I am assured the process is so easy.

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People love to use quotes from famous books. My advice is to make the right choice of citation resources. Your bibliography should look correct and without unnecessary information. A friend of mine recommends this site for quick citing and design of scientific and journalistic publications.

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Has anyone looked for lids and rings? Any problem with availability? I've been using and reusing the Tattler lids and gaskets all winter. I ordered an additional three dozen each of regular and wide mouth.

There are enough turnip and mustard greens coming out of the garden to start canning those for soups (pics). My only criticism of the Tattler product is the very occasional failed seal. I may have overfilled though. I can go years with metal lids and no failed seals but three jars in about ten batches failed this winter.

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Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Morning! Haven't been canning as I couldn't find a gasket for my canner. Finally could get one and canned a batch of Venison. Felt so good to can again. I should dig thru the freezer to find what else I can can. Was thinking of doing up a bunch of hamburger. I will have to check into it.

Maypop love your garden set up. Deer are my big problem here but I might have an idea for it.

Canning lids haven't really looked as I found a stash in my basement. I do plan on start picking them up here and there. Now to remember to look.

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

I don't can much meat but keep some pints with basic seasonings, onions and peppers for chili or spaghetti sauce. A pint of seasoned meat and a pint of beans or tomato sauce makes for a quick taco salad, burritos or pasta dinner.

Thank you about the garden. It was fenced for deer and then we had to go back and poultry net the bottom for rabbits. My lazy dogs are not earning their keep! What you see is a narrow step garden on the side of a mountain. Before the fences I had been known to go over the side a time or two with the tiller. There are two more steps below the main vegetable garden. The second step down is mostly fruit trees and the third is berries.

Great that you found a new gasket for your canner and are back in business. My last canning I made orange marmalade for the first time and it is outstanding.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Have heard orange marmalade is good. Will have to try it next time we go out for breakfast.

Rabbits are taken care of right away here. So not much of a problem.

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