I have medicinal herb plants to give away in the Fingerlakes area

Ithaca, NY

Hello. I am new to Dave's Garden. I found this forum and am hoping folks here will have a need for some of my plants. I have an extensive medicinal herb garden just outside the city of Ithaca. I am looking for folks who want culls of some of my more prolific varieties. Just for a start: marshmallow, valerian, agrimony, angelica, passionflower, costmary, meadowsweet, elecampane. I am growing close to 150 species counting my annuals (several varieties of holy basil-tulsi, calendula and so on.) I even have seabuckthorn. If you are looking for it I likely have it. Please help me make room for the new species I want to grow. I probably even have enough tulsi for you to dig it up and keep inside over the winter.

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Smithtown, NY

I know this post is a year old but do you still have herbs available.

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