SOLVED: Mystery Tree sapling

Kingston, NY

Found 3 of these growing in my garden (upstate NY). This is the largest of the 3. Looks like a tree sapling, but I'm unable to identify it. Depending on what it is, I might want to dig it up and relocate it to a new home in my yard.

Any help is appreciated. I've searched online and while some things look similar, nothing matches exactly right.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

It reminds me of papaya plants that came up in our compost bin years ago. Winter took care of those tropical plants in a hurry.

Kingston, NY

Wow!! I googled papaya sapling... That looks exactly like what I have!!
Obviously not native to NY which is why this was so tricky...

Found this pic on google that looks exactly like my pics...

hcmdole, I think you got it! Thank You!

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Glad to hear that. I thought maybe it was mulberry after I wrote my first post but the leaves just didn't line up with mulberry.

Here is a picture of two papaya volunteers in our compost bin years ago. I guess the seeds will grow if they hit the right spot. Not a big fan of papaya but the leaves are pretty cool. It is fun growing some grocery bought items - dragon fruit, ginger (hardy for us but we don't eat the rhizomes), pomegranate (this is hardy in our zone but hasn't bloomed since I put them in the ground 3 to 4 years ago), and even got a pineapple to grow from seed harvested from the fruit.

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