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Odenville, AL

Iím new here a little background had a brand new house built it is on a slab. These flies/gnats have been getting through the gravel trap from under the tub on one side of the house and also the garage and bathroom on the other side of the house the bug service my builder is using has been out about 15 times first identifies as hump flies, then changed to fungus flies I am not sure if that is right either! 4 months and no relief. My neighbors house grade is about 3 ft higher than mine and both of our septic systems are beside each other and they just had a leak fixed I wonder It is traveling under my slab creating organic matter for the flies. A good start to solving this is an Id. If you need better pics let me know what u need to see thanx in advance much appreciation

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Minot, ND

This does appear to be a fungus gnat in the family Sciaridae (definitely not a hump-backed fly in the family Phoridae). As you likely already know, the larvae of fungus gnats usually are found in damp/wet soils having a high organic material content.

Odenville, AL

Thank you now to figure how get rid of them from under my slab will they die off in winter. And will they come back again,

Minot, ND

The first step would be to make the environment around the house as dry as practical. As long as there is plenty of wet, organic soil, they will come back.

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