Feedback on a couple of houseplant questions

Cascade-Fairwood, WA

Hi everyone!

I’m a student at UCR and am working on a project to help out plant owners like yourselves! We have a couple of questions regarding how you all currently manage your plants. Our group each have multiple plants in our household, and know once we have more than a couple, there’s some difficulties with things like knowing and tracking each watering schedule, watering amount, etc. So, we’re trying to see if others have the same type of problems and then see how you guys currently go about trying to solve them.

We’ve created a quick survey (under 5 minutes!) that we would really appreciate if we could get your input on.

Here’s a link to the survey:

P.S. - if this isn’t the right place to post this type of question, we’re sorry! And let us know if there’s a better place to ask for some feedback.

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