SOLVED: Help! Weird fungus growing in my yard?

Abingdon, MD

Hi! I live in Central Maryland and just found this weird fungus-type growth growing in my front yard. When I first looked down, it almost looked like a cracked egg, but when I touched it the thing was quite hard. I used gloves and pulled it up, and the roots are quite red. I donít know what to make of it. Any ideas??

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Probably a mushroom that is feeding off dead organic material in the yard. Did you have a tree or shrub in this area before?

My parents had big silver maples cut down years ago. A few years later my mother noticed some strange growths in the yard and had me look at them when I visited. It didn't take long to see that they radiated out from a central point (like the rays of a flower or a kid's drawing of the sun rays). Tracing back a few of those lines it clearly came to the center of where the old maple tree once stood. It became obvious that these hard growth mushrooms were feeding off the old roots in the ground.

Check out Armillaria.

My own mushrooms were feeding on a maple's roots we had cut down a few years earlier but they were above ground and orange.

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Abingdon, MD

Yes! Thatís so helpful. We just bought this house last February, but now that you mention it, my neighbor was telling me of a tree that was cut down by the previous owner. It was definitely in that central spot and recently mushrooms have started popping up around the same area. That has to be it. Iím not sure if you (hcmcdole) or anyone else knows this, but is there an easy way to stop this from happening? They just really freak me out!

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Remove the roots from the dead tree? With a web search, I see some use some kind of fungus killer but be careful with chemicals (pets, children).

Abingdon, MD

Thank you!!!

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