Clematis Fertilizer

Wayne, PA

I just planted Clematis Hanaguruma today and I wanted to know if anyone could tell me what kind of fertilizer to use? I planted the clematis with some compost mixed in with regular garden soil. It's supposed to rain tomorrow here in the Northeast, so I won't water today.
Thank you.

Somerville, MA

In general, do not fertilize a plant just after planting it, especially if you plant it in the fall. Give your clematis a dose of fertilizer in the spring, and another after all bloom is finished if you like. I use a general-purpose organic fertilizer, plus a sprinkling of lime. Too little is always
better than too much.

Wading River, United States

My most recent reading said Clematis are heavy feeders. No fertilizer for first 3 weeks, but after that give them a shot of compost tea or other natural fertilizer every 2-3 weeks for best results.

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