Not Moth But...

Yumbo, Colombia

At first I thought it was a moth until I saw the long antennea.

Thumbnail by PitterCol
Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Look at Lacewings

Yumbo, Colombia

Indeed, yes thank you.

Minot, ND

It's a caddisfly (order Trichoptera); this is considered a 'sister group' to Lepidoptera (moths and butterflies). See for a specimen (unidentified) from Panama similar to yours. I have been unable to locate any comprehensive treatment of the species from Colombia, but a list of species from neighboring Ecuador can be seen at , noting that:
“As in the neighboring Andean countries of Colombia and Peru, it is common to find undescribed species of caddisflies. There are vast areas of Ecuador and the northern Andes that are completely unexplored, and we expect that hundreds of new species are yet to be discovered.”
Overall, more than 3200 species have been reported from the Neotropics -

Yumbo, Colombia

Great information and links. Thank you Flap!

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