Propagating Hibiscus

Murray, KY

I have a potted hibiscus that I would like to propagate. I keep it in the garage during the winter. Should I take cuttings now (October), or wait until the leaves come back in the spring? I live in middle TN. TIA

Dickinson, TX

I have trouble getting cuttings from hibiscus. I try to root everything in water, and Iím getting better. Hibiscus take 6-8 weeks or more to root, some longer, and some are very hard. Itís supposed to work better it you cut the tips of the branches you want to take cuttings from 2 weeks before taking the cuttings.
I am new here and just posted my success on red lions tail hibiscus cuttings finally rooting. I cut tips of 5 branches 2 weeks before cutting, 6-8Ē long branches, and rooted them in water. Took 2 months

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