SOLVED: Stapelia Leendertziae ?

Coulterville, IL

I have a Succulant first i thought it was Christmas cactus clipping but it is not got last year as a clipping but not sure what the plant is I think it is a Stapelia Leendertziae and if so how do i get it to grow more than one stalk or just wait it out ? This photo is when it was 6 inches it is in bigger pot and 10 inches tall now

Thumbnail by melody63
Rotterdam, Netherlands

It looks like a Stapelia, but to determine the species you need a flower.

Vancouver, WA(Zone 8a)

Looks similar to Gigantea but mine stay short and curve, perhaps yours doesn't get enough light and has gotten lanky? I would pot that in a pot that drains and avoid peat moss. You could try potting it deeper and/or cutting idk half of it off and let the cut calous over and then add it to the pot.

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