Need help in eradicating bug

Brooklyn, NY

i,Need help in eradication of insect.I have attached a picture.They are thousands in my backyard, on my doors ,windows facing backyard.Similar on my both neighbours. They want to fly inside.I am keep all doors on backyard closed.Kindly advise ,how to kill/eradiacte these bugs,insects ?

Thumbnail by mdmm55
Devils Elbow, MO(Zone 6a)

I enlarged your photo, and I think we're looking at an exotic ladybug. They are ubiquitous! Once the weather starts to turn colder, they look for a place--ANY place!--to keep warm enough to hibernate. You can vacuum up the ones that get in (but they have an unpleasant odor), and then try to seal the small openings they're using to gain entry.

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