Houston - Shady Area Under Pine Tree\'s

Spring, TX

We are rank amateurs to gardening.

We have large backyard with lots of Pines in one area and would like to plant flowers / ground cover along the fence in a bricked in flower bed.

Ideally would be some color.

Thank you for any advice.

gamboolman & ms gamboolgal....

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Red Wing, MN

Hi gamboolman. I grew up in North Carolina and can vouch for the idea of Azaleas, Camellias, Hostas and Rhododendron as far as the shade goes. However, the heat in Texas may be overwhelming for some varieties so i would check into that. The camillias bloom in January in NC but may bloom earlier if you can grow them in TX. You might want to do a soil test to determine if the pines have made the area slightly acidic. The azalea and Rhododendron like the soil to be more to the acidic side of neutral. I hope this may be of some help. I check out books from the library and send away for all the garden and plant catalogs I can get my hands on. Even the sales catalogs can give you so much information to help you learn. Good Luck!

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