Boloria freija?

Cranbrook, Canada

Would I be correct in identifying this as Boloria freija? I saw it up in the alpine (above 2000m) near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Thank you in advance for any help!

Thumbnail by Hulio
Cranbrook, Canada

Now I'm leaning towards Speyeria mormonia? They are found at higher altitudes.

Minot, ND

I've been waffling on answering this one, as so many fritillary species/subspecies are superficially so similar as to make a specific i.d. from a single image problematic to a non-specialist in the group, and I certainly am a non-specialist! I'm sure you are aware that Speyeria mormonia is highly variable, with at least eight recognized subspecies. Also, in addition to Boloria freija, at least 12 other species of Boloria have been reported from British Columbia!

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