Stick Insect?

Yumbo, Colombia

I think I may have posted a wings folded version before.

Thumbnail by PitterCol
Minot, ND

Indeed it is. Many winged species appear to open their hind wings suddenly as a defensive posture; perhaps to elicit a 'startle' response from a potential threat.
Have I pointed you to this reference before? "The Stick Insects of Colombia: A catalogue and bibliography with the descriptions of four new genera and 74 new species"

Yumbo, Colombia

I'm not sure I've seen that but Oskar Conle one of the authors has done some identifications for me. Thanks very much. I need to order that if I ever get to return to the US.

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shah alam, Malaysia

Walking Sticks are long, lean, and slow-moving bugs, that look like a adhere, twig or department. They are too called walking sticks. Males tend to be littler than females. Males more often than not have wings, but females are most likely wingless.

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