mystery spider

Scarborough, United Kingdom

Hello, does anyone know what kind of critter has woven these fine threads across a field please? There were thousands of them, reflecting the sun in the same way the sun is reflected in the sea, moving as you move. It's in the UK, by the way.

Thumbnail by DaveArach
Minot, ND

Spiders; most likely the result of a mass 'ballooning' event - see

Note: I usually do not use the Daily Mail as a primary source, but this article at least appears legitimate.

Scarborough, United Kingdom

Thanks Flapdoodle! However, the silk threads in my photo look different to the ones in the link you sent, so I'm still uncertain. (By the way I never use the Daily Mail as a primary source either - awful paper!).

Minot, ND

I cannot think of any other explanation for those webs; I believe that the images appear different primarily because of the time of day and the sun angle when they were taken. And for your general amusement if you have not already seen it -

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