Recommendations for backyard nursery supplies

Niceville, FL

Looking for high quality/reasonable durability nursery pots/baskets/soil etc. my addictive hobby is turning into a venture into market sales/production... trying to make it a feasible retirement career. initial searches lead to huge Ag companies that do not want to deal with small growers/quantities. Amazon and sites such as Gardeners Supply are expensive. Any input on mid level suppliers you have had positive experience with? Is there a more appropriate discussion group for this question? I did not see a group related to supplies/equipment.

Thank you for assistance!

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Hadley, PA(Zone 5a)

I order inserts for flats from Greenhouse Megastore and also have ordered pots in the past. I've been happy with those, though it looks--from the Garden Watchdog--as though some other customers have had more problems with the company.

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