Alocasia stems bent

Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6b)

My Alocasia has developed weirdly curving leaf stems. They are not wilted or floppy like old leaves, and the leaves are not yellowed. The stems are pretty firm, just curved. Pictured are the overall plant, and the individual leaves from the curved stems.
I don't believe it is overwatered. It spends its summers on our sundeck (Missouri) in a shaded location with an auto watering system, and its winters indoors.
It's possible that it has been under-watered or that it is crowded or root bound. It's possible it's had too much light, as the grow light above it mistakenly had no "off" cycle, probably since it was moved in a couple months ago.

Is it OK? Do I need to do something to "save" it?

We've thought about dividing it, but the one time I slid it out of the pot I couldn't see any way to do that without taking a Sawzall to it, and I chickened out.

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