Caterpillar identification

Fort Collins, CO

Found a caterpillar-like creature on my curtains today. Location is in northern Colorado.

The insect's body is uniformly covered with small golden hairs. It has ten or so long protruding tail hairs that are very noticable.

It's body is also segmented it is able to curl. The head is as wide as its body where they connect and the tail section is very slightly less wide. It appears to be almost a centimeter in length.

It also has 4 pairs of legs located at the front part (near the head) only.

Is it perhaps some type of caterpillar or moth larvae? Identification help appreciated.

Thumbnail by KenK55
Minot, ND

This is not a caterpillar, it is a larva if a beetle in the family Dermestidae (hide/skin/carpet/larder beetles. etc.). It most likely is in the genus Attagenus (black carpet beetles and allies); these will feed on fabrics containing wool or silk as well as fur, feathers, animal skins, dry stored food products, etc. See

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