What to do with my schefflera?

New York City, NY

I have had this schefflera for three years and I think it's time to prune it or re-pot it or both. There are three stems and the littlest one is getting pretty bare. The biggest is too tall and pretty bare in the middle.

I live in a western-facing apartment, so the light situation is what it is. In the summer I can put it on the balcony, but most of the year it gets indirect sunlight. I've tried looking up some advice, but it seems to apply to a different type schefflera without a central woody stem like mine. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Cut it back. My mother has chopped hers back over the years and it just continues to grow and grow. The new growth will have much smaller leaves and lots more branches.

In the ground they can become quite large (tropical of course). This was in Tampa (Busch Gardens).

Second photo was from our hotel room in San Juan, Puerto Rico shooting down at the courtyard full of scheffs with a couple in bloom.

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