Hybridizing Crape Myrtles & Hardy Hibscus

Westfield, MA

Hello all,
The past few years, I have been taking pollen from specific hardy hibiscus (Kopper King, Berryific, & ballerina slippers (variety that has light blush pink flowers with green leaves.)
After these plants each had about 2 growing seasons, I cross pollinated & planted the seeds.
After around 80-85% of seeds that sprouted, about 50% of those seedlings hardened off, & made it to the garden.
After the new plants starting growing I noticed all the seedlings had the Red Kopper King leaves, ballerina slippers (with the blush pink flowers) that now have candy stripes of red around each petal on the dinner plate flowers.
Also, I am currently growing 2 crape myrtles. Red rocket & tradition indica crape Myrtle with lavender flowers. I have cross pollinated both, couldn’t believe both produced seeds.
Has anyone had any Success with crossing either Crape Myrtles or Hardy Hibiscus? If so, I’d love to know! I’m hoping to eventually make a solid hardy zone 6 crape Myrtle, that can even stand up to New England winters without dying to the roots each year. Knock on wood, one crape Myrtle is 9’ tall, that’s tall for MA/CT boarder near West Springfield Ma.

Chapel Hill, NC

I've never cross-bred anything, but I've received hardy hibiscus that were products of crosses done by gardening friends with average skills. The hibiscus in my DG name is one of them - it's a cross between a hibiscus in their garden with something they found in a ditch in California :)

Westfield, MA

Oh wow those flowers are Beautiful! Yes, I wasn’t expecting results after the first set of seeds & it seems like it may be easy for this species to cross breed? I’ll be doing some more but I can upload a photo of mine so you can see.
The picture show “Kopper king” and “ballerina slippers/Blush pink”
The other two picture are of the offspring. Some of the flowers became striped & Tye dyed.

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