Alocasia watering trouble

Eastern Central, FL

In the last year Iíve bought an alocasia Polly and another kind which Iím not too sure of the type. I have it indoors and Iíve tried everything. I think I was watering it too much since all my other plants donít like too much water either.

My house is always at 72į and ranges from 42-52 humidity. Alocasia seems to be the only plant Iím really not good with.
They could go months without watering and look fine and the moment I add any amount of water whatsoever the leaves start ruining.
Iíve used tap, Iíve used filtered, Iíve used bottled, Iíve used completely zero filtered, Iíve tried lots of water, little water.

I have one sprout from my alocasia Polly left that Iím trying to salvage and about two from the other (the old bulbs seem to be sprouting).

Helppppp!!! Why are alocasia so difficult?!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

You don't say anything about light.
Light is the driving force of plant metabolism, and many people don't have as much light on plants as they think.
Light is really like the food of the plant. No light, it starves.

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