Pruning a transplanted Lorapetalum

Crawfordville, FL

Transplanting Ten year old Lorapetalum bushes that have not been pruned for four years. These are over 7 feet tall. If a fairly large ball of roots are pulled up and transplanted to another location in the yard do I need to prune lightly, medium or severely, or not at all?

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Pruning is a personal decision. We bought L. 'Purple Diamond' years ago and they were billed as dwarf. After several years one was nearly 15 feet tall! I cut them back hard to maybe 3 feet. They died after that or so I thought. Yes, they died to the ground but they came back with a vengeance from the roots. I now try to keep them hedged 3 to 4 feet two to three times a year. Lessons learned? A hard pruning in summer might kill them to the ground, the roots will probably send up new plants, try to keep them to the size you want early on.

This side of the house had 4 planted and maintained better than the other side. About six to eight feet tall this year (mid March 2018)

The other side in 2011 had six planted (the side I cut back hard and thought I killed them all)

2013 they were encroaching on the AC units

This year (end of March before hedging)

2018 showing how roots sucker well past the planting hole.

PS the spelling is Loropetalum.

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Wheaton, IL(Zone 5a)

The rule of thumb when you're transplanting is to cut the plant back by 1/3. Make sure to leave enough leaves for it to do it's photosynthesis etc. thing. It also helps to put some mychorizae in the hole and or around the base, That help the roots to grow faster and function better gathering nutrients from the soil.

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