Indoor Night Blooming Jasmine Yellow Tips & Curling leaves

Toronto, Canada

Hello from Canada :)
Two months ago my partner brought me a night blooming jasmine as a bit of a “challenge plant” for my indoor plant collection. We are in Toronto so most plants (except the really black thumb friendly ones) are somewhat of a challenge due to very low humidity and lack of light. The jasmine does look like it’s doing pretty well and has grown a lot BUT, the tips on many of the leaves have just started turning very pale yellow-white the last month. Also, some leaves are “crimping” or curling at the edges. Here is some info for context.
- Jasmine is about 2 ft away from grow-lights
- Jasmine has a mini humidifier next to it
- recently repotted in a yoghurt container with lots of holes in the bottom.
-Potted in soil blend of coco coir/perlite & worm castings
-I wait until the soil is dry on the top inch usually before watering
-recently soaked with worm casting tea

Do you think this is a nutrient deficiency or over watering? Are the leaves curling because the light is too bright?

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