Seeds from Dieffenbachia flowers

Edmonton, Canada


I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to get seeds from a dieffenabchia flower. Search of the net using duckduckgo came up pretty empty, i even looked up images of seeds and there weren't any. So I figured Id ask here.

My plan is to suspend a cfl bulb above the plant to increase the ammount of light to fortify the seed development and then proceed. I'm not sure how far along they are already - probably 2 months, but they seem to last about 4 months.

I did come across one blip somewhere that said remove the seeds from the "berries"(?) or remove the berries because there is some antigermination chemicals which develop if left in situe. Can anyone give anymore advice?

Does anyone know if these seeds can dry out? I can't imagine they would in a normal circumstance. I would also like to freeze them, but this is not that important.

I have another quick question which is similar, my cala lilie seed pod from last summer dried out - are they still good, and can I now freeze them to keep them longer?

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