European fan palm tops keep snapping off

Quartz Hill, CA

Have many european (Medit.) fan palms, beautiful. Last few years, the tops have snapped off several. Just found a whole top with new healthy growth laying in the yard! High desert CA, tolerate winters well, but they are on a west property line with very high winds sometimes (25-30 mph common, sometimes up to 40-50 directly from west). It seems as soon as they grow to about 15 feet, they break. Had professional cut 4 broken ones off 2 years ago, new clumps are growing out well. Am I doing something wrong? Wrapped drip tubing around the bases a few years ago, seemed to accelerate growth. Also, a resident red squirrel was spotted sitting right in the bud area chewing something a few days ago. Could he have killed the bud? Or do they only grow so high? Note: all these look healthy, went through a rare heavy snow last winter with great new growth out tops, new clumps growing like crazy. Can't find anything on internet about why so many tops are snapping off. Thanks for anyone's help!

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