SOLVED: Anyone have a name for this Peperomia

Milton, DE

This was labeled as Peperomia scandens variegata, but I know that as a green leaf with irregular white edge . This plants has a yellow chartreuse marbling appearing in the center of leaf. Anyone know this one? Thanks for any help

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Castro Valley, CA

I want you to know how much I loved searching this 1 for you. I LOVE peperomias. A lot! LOL I had a friend who lusted after these for years and she would show me her acquisitions. I really did not get the thrill till she showed me a pink one with pronounced ridges. SOLD! In my next life I am going to have everyone known to man. The only things seem they lack is height and fun colored flowers but with such incredibly diverse leaf coloring and textures who needs better flowers? They even have succulent ones!!

I looked at over 1000 photos. No luck though I became almost desperate to buy some of the more outrageously colored ones. I even found the reverse of yours, Peperomia Obtusifloria Lemon Lime.

So after searching for a few hours, albeit with me frequently getting sidetracked, I was about to give up. Then I thought to look at a few specialty online nurseries. I seem to have gone full circle as the only 1 found that is similar is actually tagged somewhat like yours; Peperomia distichia [scandens]. However, the entry is screwed up mixed with a pothos.

Yours is clearly better grown.

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Milton, DE

Thanks very much for your extraordinary research. I believe you are correct in your findings, however since my plant has the variegated in the center of the leaf instead of random flecks, I am going to call it. Peperomia distichia medio picta.

Your the bomb. thanks

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