West Babylon, NY

I have been taking care of this as I thought it was impatiens. The little buds don't seem to open. Found in my South Florida garden. Anybody?

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Castro Valley, CA

As soon as I looked at your picture I thought impatiens but I think it is 1 of the much rarer kinds and not the very common Impatiens walleriana. I used to grow some of them and loved then! They reseed so easily. Only time will tell with the bloom or if someone recognizes that distinctive leaf with red veins.

I do wonder how where you are growing this in winter in NY. I wonder if it is chilly where you have it and maybe it needs more warmth for the flowers to open.

I have used this website, Mr. Impatiens, a lot in the past to dream but also to ID ones I have seen. I hope it helps you find yours. Mr. Impatiens. Prepare to see such fun ones!!

West Babylon, NY

Wow, so I thought I was way off with the impatiens idea. The buds have been there for a while, and I was sort of thinking that they don't open at all on whatever plant this is. I am growing in South Florida. Will definitely be checking out that website and thanks for the response.

Castro Valley, CA

I just heard back from Derick at Mr. Impatiens website. He said "The Impatiens in the picture is a New Guinea hybrid. It is probably out of season for it." So not one of the fancier ones but still with those great leaves, a charmer. I hope the flowers finally open up for you which seems just waiting for the right season to explode with color.

West Babylon, NY

Thank you so much for the info! I wonder where it came from. I was beginning to think the flowers won't open but maybe it's been a bit too cold.

Other, Mauritius

looks like a fuchsia to me, could it.

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