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Hey everyone! We are excited to bring a new concept and product to the market this year which we call the Benefit Bucket. We wanted to make a simple 3 step process so anyone new to gardening or who has been doing it a while can use. We've also included a Quick-Germ and a Digest to help the soil pre-plant and also post-harvest to make the soil as nutrient rich as possible. All products come in a 2.5 gallon bucket you can also use in your garden! Check it out:

We are also excited about our Vision platform that if you purchase a bucket you will get access to. We use weather data from weather stations across the country and can provide an energy curve based off that data and the plant you are growing to get you ideal times to do each step.

We understand as a new product there will be a lot of questions so feel free to reach out but we are excited after using it on some of our test gardens and greenhouses!

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Kansas City, MO

When I saw the title of this post, I was surprised. Before, you had to look for this information in libraries or find out from acquaintances. I will definitely check out your project, it looks great!

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