Perennial flax seeds white

Hot Springs, VA

About 25-20 years ago, I had in my flower garden, three types of perennial flax: a pale blue variety, a middle value blue variety, and a white flax perennial. I bought seeds, somewhere online, for each of those types. But, I can't seem to find, now, those three distinct types of flax. (Of course there is also the flax seed that we eat or is used to make linen; I also threw some of those seeds in the garden; not speaking of those)

I also can't find white monarda plants or seeds. ? I used to have those also. We've moved six times in 15 years and I've lost all my plants three moves ago when we moved in February when the temperature was 15 degrees; I couldn't dig anything up right before the move.

Does anyone know what flax plants of which I speak or know where they can be purchased or traded?

Thank you.

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