Buddah Belly

Tampa, FL

If I cut my leggy buddah belly back to the belly part will it keep growing.
My plant has become leggy and the belly never became fat.

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Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Maybe not enough light? You can probably cut it and make it squatter but not sure if that makes the belly grow fatter or not.

I grew mine from seed and while "not fat" they are shorter than your plant. I put them in full sun for summer and under a shop light for winter.

I grew 10 in one pot and gave away five. Then in late April I put the remainder in separate pots.

This was the last picture I did in mid-December.

last week in June and slowly growing.

September shows much bigger leaves.

Here is some in a pot in Thailand on our last visit in 2018. I wished my leaves would be palmate like these to add a little more interest.

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Tampa, FL

I read somewhere that in order to get a fat belly they need to be in a shallow pot.
When I bought the plant it was tall and even though it has been in the sun it has grown taller.
Iím going to take a chance and cut it and repot it.
I also have started some from seeds. Very slow grower.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Maybe a squat pot might force them to store more water? A shallow root system?

Show us some pictures if and when you cut the top out. I'd like to see how it comes out.

I have Jatropha multifida (Guatemalan rhubarb) too and have thought about cutting the tops out as they are about 3.5 to 4 feet high. It has never bloomed but the leaves are very interesting.

I think my Buddha Belly plants are 3 years old from seed that I got off eBay.

Okay the seeds are from May, 2018 so not quite 3 years old yet. Four months later and they are growing nicely.

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