Best/Worse/What did I learn today? Snowing &Blowing..fireplace on, come sit a spell!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over from here:

Karen, are you running a fever? Coughing? Has anything other than rest been suggested for the others that you can follow as well..Iím not sure what procedures are in your area, do they suggest you go to hospital?? Worried about you and am praying. Let us know how your hubby made out with his appointment..

Sometimes sewing is the most enjoyable when you shouldnít be sewing but taking time out of the busy schedule to do just sure did get a lot of doll clothes made.

Making chicken and sliders for supper, thought I had lasagna or macaroni noodles to do faux sniffers but not so will have to make a batch, messy job but tasty.

Snow is still blowing, been sitting quietly putting fringe of a scarf I made last year, pinned the flange binding on the throw, dealing with the corner, need to very close to finishing it but Iím just being lazy..maybe a nap then I can take the knitted coral downstairs and straight cut the cowl and sew binding. I will give the cowl to Cathy..did I mention she got all her report back and no sight of cancer..guess chemo she is deal8ng with blood clots..sure with we could visit but not..

When you are up just after 5am and havenít stopped body is saying enough is enough!

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Just watched the memorial for those who died from shortage of tears

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Well I am on here early. I was up early and threw on some clothes, pulled a comb through my hair and headed off to a large center to get my vaccine. Took about 1 1/2 hours from arriving to leaving. I have not grown an extra nose or had my eyes turn orange so I guess I am OK. Get my second shot on the 16th of February.

I was going to garden today but it is windy and cold. Cloudy and 55 degrees f. Sorry you guys, but that is cold for us. Tomorrow I have Culligan coming to look at my water softener and tomorrow afternoon I have an eye appointment. Eye appointment is something I have been putting off but I am having problems seeing street signs and the guide on the TV. I called today and got an appointment tomorrow. A year ago it would have been months before I could get an appointment. Window washer guy called today and cancelled because of the projected winds. Said he would call me next week.

So currently I am sitting in my bedroom, fire on and one dog and one cat on my left and other dog on my right. Other cat is on my bed. They all must be where I am.

Betty, your cowl is beautiful. The snow is beautiful but looks cold to me. I had a taco salad for lunch/dinner. I have a Hubbard squash so I think I will bake it tomorrow and make some soup. I am doing and have been doing so for several months. Eat what is in the freezer and do not buy any more meat or such until you have eaten what is in the freezer. I am starting to see some shelves down to the second level of stacked packages instead of three levels.

Karen, I am sending comforting angels your way to help you through this. Stay warm and hydrated. Praying your's is a mild case.

Hugs everyone, Sharon

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Spent most of the day sleeping. Just got up because sis called. Heading back to bed. Hubby got tested today, will be three days before we hear back. So far only symptom I'm having is sleepiness.

Victoria Harbour, ON

So glad you checked in Karen, will you also get tested? Here is hoping DHís test come back my friend.

Sharon, hope youíve no after effects after get5ing Covid shot..paid off going even though you did not have an appointment...guess I am lucky here, our municipal water is pretty good and no need to have a system..they are quite a lot of work are they not? Wow that will be quick for eye testing, hate to think how long Iíd have to wait.

Been fighting nausea tonight, just had pudding, made jelly for morning.

lordy itís snowing/ blowing, hope Dianne isnít getting same amount..snowmobiles will be happy, just hope they stay off the ice..local news has been showing photoís of the 3 deceased and their families, just tragic.

Hope sandman has found your house..


got up at 4:30am & can't get back to sleep
My neighbour Carol, who's been in Cuba since Nov 2019 (and was to have returned May 2020) is coming home in the next few weeks. Not sure why, but think it has to do with Cuba's rulings about how long she can be there. She married a Cuban native a couple of years ago and I thought she was now a citizen having "paid her $$ dues" etc. Maybe has to do with Cdn pension. She'd talked about going to Toronto, staying in a hotel for isolation, then returning to Cuba after two weeks but maybe that's not an option.
Work continues for me. Did quite a bit of early Spring cleaning yesterday, on my day off.
I've also had friends blocked on FB - unpopular opinions, apparently. I don't usually post, or go much on my News Feed, so I guess I won't be blocked. I use Messenger to chat with friends, is all.

Thought I'd share this beautiful hymn

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thank you Susan for that beautiful hymn..much needed these days.

You would think Carol could have stayed re her marriage but just maybe itís her health insurance coverage as well..

So loving going on Facebook and enjoy the postings without political opinion ion only.

Itís one heck of a sunshine day in my world

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Up for a few trying to handle mail and called both Drs. to see about delaying procedures. I am mostly just sleeping, get up for bathroom and right back to sleep. I ate a piece of toast yesterday but nothing so far today. My tummy is very queasy. I put in a grocery order, mostly for the kids so they won't starve. They won't deliver out here but at least someone else is doing the shopping and hubby is picking it up.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Am sure you will have no problems getting your appointments changed Karen, you canít possibly be out and about not feeling so unwell, as hard as it may be you must get nourishment. Curb side grocery pick up is a blessing.
Prayers for you and your family..

As I sit quietly I watch all my neighbours just finishing digging out from the storm, am trying to figure out my project..this afternoon am thinking I will attempt to do front pathway, nothing much else

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Hubby made me broth and more toast. Dipped toast in broth and ate that then back to bed. Youngest daughter is bugging me to go to the hospital but she doesn't understand. Here I'm warm and comfortable, there I am neither. Besides they will hook up all those lines, which in itself is torture, but they make my frequent bathroom trips take too long. Last infusion it took 5 stabs to get a line in. I'm just not up for that right now. Blood draw last Mon. was horrid and then she barely got enough drip by drip. Just thinking that at the hospital they come in every morning about 4 and put me through all thanks.
Sorry just rambling. back to bed for me.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Oh Karen if family think you should go to hospital perhaps you should, know itís not what you want to do but Iím sure you want to live and see those wonderful grands grow up..please donít take a everyone north doing o.k.??

Prayers dear friend

Victoria Harbour, ON

Calling it a night but not before I said my prayers, rest well Karen hugs

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

At this point, I'm not really sick just very sleepy. No fever, no cough, breathing is fine. There is no reason to go anywhere as yet.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Karen, have you been tested for covid? At least rule that out. If you are positive, you need proper meds.
Keeping you in our prayers.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Had my eye appointment today and got my glasses ordered. Just for driving but cannot get my driver's license renewed with out being able to pass their eye test. Just about every exam was done by a machine. So different than the exams in the past.

Tomorrow and Friday garden helper will be here. Should get new flower bed completed in that time.

Karen, praying you are only having a mild case. Just keep a close lookout on your breathing. If you have any congestion or trouble breathing, go to the doctor right away.

Good morning Betty. Hope you have a great day.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning everyone, feel it should be afternoon

Karen, how are you doing this morning? May not be Covid but your blood needing to be looked after can be as bad...hope you had a good night..thought of you often and said a prayer!

Sharon youíve a lot on your plate these next few days , do you sit out front often so you can enjoy? Doubtful as you have a heavenly oasis in your back yard. Now youíve had your Covid needle, eyes tested and now planning for drivers permit certIfication so you are right on top of things and January isnít over..youíve done they make you take a drivers on-road test?

Storm is brewing, some bitter cold temps on the way.. I cleaned the area where I park the car not in the back, drove to sharonís as she had some flannel left that I was short for my project..omg her little Mia is a fur ball..could have taken her. home but Ziggy wouldnít like it..

Was just ready to put my shovel away, said to myself Ďself, no reason the canít do front walkway and deck and pathway to back shedĒ so I did, even did a pathway to the fire endless job as I have to do it again tomorrow, but I need some fresh air and some manual labour. Iíve done my to do jar task so I now have a free day..

Playing cut outs while I have my coffee, then up and at it, otherwise here I will be all day.

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Betty, I would never survive all the shoveling you do!

You are in my prayers Karen.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Not easy Pat, snowing and blowing
I turned head up and just sat down..again Iím in and out of washroom, keeping a log and it seems when I eat chicken it works on me big time.

Looking for update on Karen as well

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I do OK on most chicken, just not store bought rotisserie chicken. I end up throwing it up. I can chop it, use it in chicken alfredo, but not eat is "as is". It like it gets gummed up and won't go down properly. No matter how well I chew it, etc!

We had mixed snow & rain, I canceled my quick trip out to deliver the doll nightgowns. It looks much better out there now, unfortunately, I have not eaten lunch or finished cleaning. I have my SisIL Sharon coming over after her work. She is bringing Chinese and we will work on a project together. She has a baby quilt she wants to finish, I HOPE that is what she is bringing. She had volunteered to help me do more work in sewing room or garage but I told her to bring her quilt. LET's GET ER DONE!! Her grandson would be so excited!

The light up ball for Stanley's Cat toy's batteries are dead but still Stanley plays with it daily. I have new balls ordered. they should come today.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

I got tested today so in a few we will see.
I'm not keeping much food in me, tried a banana and it bounced. Jello later stayed down OK. Maybe try some broth and toast tomorrow. I can't blame it all on the Covid, I have a very touchy stomach. I throw up at least once a week for no discernable reason. I have lost 10 lbs. since Mon. probably mostly fluid even though I do drink all the time.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Prayers for you Karen, I hate to hear of you feeling icky!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning everyone, been up since 3:30 and just now ready to go out and brave the elements..weatherman did not lie, we got the storm he called for and a tremendous amount of snow, wonít make the bed as I can always climb back in.

Karen, sure hope you get results quickly and know what direction you have to take..hubbyís results should be back today/tomorrow? How is he feeling? Can someone you boost or the like, drinking it might keep your energy up..frightening for you all. Prayers coming your way.

Verona, ON

I lost you all.

We had a snowstorm and it looked so pretty out there. Ice has been a major factor in the lane.

Our schools will be opening up on Mon. Keiran is excited. Wonder how long before they shut down again.

I've had a bit of the doldrums. I think I have just been internalizing too much with everything going on in the world. Someone I taught with passed from Covid last week. She winters in Portugal and comes to her cottage here for the number of days she is required for health care.

Trying to summon up the energy to drive into Kingston It doesn't seem to be happening

Karen sending positive thoughts and prayers. I so understand you being wary of sticks. I am the same way - it takes many times for me also to get a line in.

Stay safe and well.


Betty - re: Carol. Because she's not a native Cuban, Cuba requires all to go home after 3 months. Because she's married to a Cuban she can stay. BUT, because she lives in a house owned by another Cuban (her BIL's - he bought it for her before she got married) she's allowed to stay for 6 months which would be the end of Feb. COVID extended that. Now Trudeau is talking about cancelling ALL flights in & out of Canada. So, can't stay & if she doesn't hurry, she may not be able to come home. She has no country she'd go to, until Cuba will let her back, so Canada-bound she'll be. Hopefully this will end & she can be re-united with her husband.
Trudeau is apparently calling an election this year, instead of waiting until 2023.
We're well here. We found some Schweppe's Tonic water which contains Quinine (only drink that has it and will do a lot for your health & immunity). Only Schweppe's has it. I'm also taking Melaleuca vitamins & drinks I signed up the other week with them.. Feeling really great. Day off today. Back to work on Monday. think I'll go watch some "The Nanny" with Bob - chat later

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Hubby did get results..Positive. He is feeling much better now.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Will start my post saying Karen you are in my prayers, hope you had a good night..please update when over.

Moving slowly but that is my fault, was up at 4am and was shovelling at 4:30 for a few hours, Dianne sounds like you have what we have.i took a 10 minute break for coffee to warm myself, it was -9C, I hadnít made my bed because I really thought Iíd climb back in but on my break decided to wash the fluffy bedding..when I came in and went to get it out of the dryer it was so nice and warm, kept putting it around me, as I made the bed I thought how wonderful it would be to climb in and cover myself but no with the storm we are suppose to get I decided to go to midland and get some groceries..omg it was like a ghost town, of course it was early..

Went to Dollarama, bet there wasnít 3 people other than I, needed pain patches, that ought to tell you how my body is feeling.. got home, drats no room 8n freezers so out came the turkey, guess itís turkey dinner tomorrow.

Dianne, condolences on your friends passing of Covid, makes it so real when you start knowing loved ones dying from it. Not sure about our schools, originally they said mid February.

Yes, with this amount of snow and the heaviness nobody should be on the lake..too bad the extreme weather hadnít come before the snow.

Best I start listening to local news Susan, didnít hear Trudeau had called an election..glad you are feeling better..poor Carol, she must be distraught. How about you, is your winter milder? Will today be a paint by number paint day?

Time for lunch, feels like supper time

Might have a hot bath, take pains and have a nap

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Beautiful snow photos, but you can keep it. I will enjoy your photos.
Karen, please know we are keeping you in our prayers.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

I worked in the front garden two days in a row. About 6 hours a day. Now all I have is a total mess. But I can see progress. Suppose to have rain and maybe snow this week. Going to get down to freezing temps in mid week at night. I had my garden helper pull some plants into the garage.

I got my new glasses today and they do help me see better when I drive. Betty they do not make you retest when you renew. Only if you have had too many tickets or accidents.

Photos of the snow are beautiful but look cold. And that is a lot of work for you.

Susan, that is a mess for your friend. Hopefully we will all soon have the vaccine an this will be over. So pleased you and yours are doing well.

Karen, stay well and hydrated. Hydration is the most important.

Diane, I just had to stop watching the news, and the majority of TV. I watch PBS British shows and cooking.

northeast, IL(Zone 5a)

Prayers for you Karen. Glad your hubby is feeling better. My daughter was feeling better by the time she got her positive result, too.

I've got an appointment for next Saturday to get the Covid vaccine. It will be a relief to get it, we get an email almost every other week at work announcing someone else that tested positive.

Cold weekend here, with snow predicted for tonight, and another storm coming through on Monday. I should go out today and get my grocery shopping done, but, it's cold. Trying to talk myself into going today, but so far just sitting here in my jammies!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, sunshine day in my neighbourhood but bitter cold 7F with feels like -6F

Sharon, it does sound like youíve made great for snow, that is extremely rare for you isnít it? Here is hoping snow missies you but maybe you would like to see,it even for a few hours.Think I will follow suit and go have my eyes tested, think Iím about due for new after a certain age the give you a:test of sorts, in-house review of driving regulations..

Lindakay,mismyour weather same as usual, so many people are not, global warming..they had a post in our newspaper showing photoís of the Great Lakes, the big differences in water levels and freezing. What are you working on?

Shovelling and regular chores done, still have my Ďjar to do taskí guess I will have to get it done on a break, even have a turkey in the oven, pie today will chocolate.wish you all lived closer as you would get an invite.

I will do a quick dusting, make myself a coffee and head downstairs..not sure what I shall do but must do something..

My junk , may it be something by tonight lol

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I have no doubt you will find something lovely to make out of your scraps.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Looking for update on Karen, do hope today was a better day for her..

Lordy just notice I was doing some clipping, must have clipped a 2Ē cut in my nighty lol. Hmmm maybe tomorrow when Iím cutting hearts I can cut a couple and applique my nighty, there Pat adding to my to do list.

Ready to settle in for the night..Sharon had some Swish Chalet divided containers and lids so brought them over and made some take home plates of turkey and fixing..I made the Pom Pom for 3 bunny sets and cleaning, other than that I kept busy but with what I donít know with, accomplished what seems nothing, ever have a day like that..

Been snowing off and on, i will have to shovel for sure but no big amounts..

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

I didn't do much today. I walked the dogs twice, gave them their Saturday bath,

Vern's son came over for a visit. Ordered a few items for him from Costco.

This next week is going to be a dud. Our highs are going to be in the high 40's for three days, Very unusual for us. We had lighting, thunder and rain last night. Probably will not be doing much in the garden this week. Maybe I will order some seeds.

Hopefully we will hear from Karen or someone in her family soon.

Pat, you are also quiet today.

Betty I saw yur turnkey dinner on Facebook and it looked delicious.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sharon, messaged with Karen tonight, she did not have a good day, says all she wants to do is sleep. Her husband has Covid so she is expecting her test to come back positive, says he is dealing with it ok.

Karen, am praying tomorrow will be a better day.

Sharon .as for turkey dinner it was delicious, Sharon came over with divided Swiss chalet trays to take home with her.I leftovers so no need to cook meals today.

This week will extremely cold but doesnít show snow so for me that is ok, no shovelling..just this morning to get rid of what fell yesterday, then a break.

Donít have luck with seeds, might be Year to try again and you can lead me through Basil just broke ground.

Body in pain, keeping me from sleeping, thinking if I get up and have chocolate pie Iíll feel better 😝

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, 16F with a feel like 6F
Staring my morning with prayers for Karen, May today be a better day.

Bad night , decided hot bath, meds might help, if they donít then Iíll climb back in bed for a bit..Ziggy spend night on pillow next to me, you would have thought his purring would have led me to sleep, but no

Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought Iíd post a few photos of my boys out snowmobiling

Greg cooking lunch off Methodist Point

Greg and Mel dropped in to bring me treats, just out of the oven oven..

Not letting me post photos, will try later

This message was edited Jan 24, 2021 11:44 AM

Victoria Harbour, ON

Here we go

Greg asked if Iíd like to go for a ride, no can do, head/shoulders would never support the helmet

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Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Not a good day today. Slept from 10 last night until noon today, that after sleeping most of yesterday. Had an awful session of retching. Jess brought up some tablets she had you dissolve on your tongue. Helped tremendously. Almost think I can handle some Jello. I did get my meds down and they are staying. Hubby is having a bad day today also. It seems to go up and down. Back to bed soon.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Feel so badly for you both..sounds as though you both are following what they suggest you should there any guideline as to how long it usually stays with you? Does your area research where you have been, who might have been there like they do here..many stores have you sign 8n, name and phone number..also ask if you are seeing family to mark it down with date..

Iím thinking of you both through out the day/night and pray

Rest well my friend

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I spent all of yesterday sewing doll clothes. I should have at least vacuumed, dusted and mopped but didn't. Now, I REALLY wished I had when I got a text this morning, my Bishop asking he could stop by this morning after Zoom church meeting. Oh well!!

I have NEVER been a great housekeeper, and now, without ever getting company, I am even worse. I do love living in a clean, well decorated house. I am just not good about doing the maintenance it takes to keep it that way!

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