SOLVED: Can\\\'t seem to ID or care for this plant...

San Jose, CA

Hello everyone -- please help!

I got a beautiful plant from a friend moving out of state but I don't think I'm caring for it the way I should... but I can't figure it out because I can't identify it! The leaves have turned a little brown but I don't believe this is typical for the plant as I haven't seen it turn this color before since it is usually a thick vibrant green leaf.

Trying to figure out how to care for it best -- if you also have any tips on why they're turning brown (direct sun exposure? cold temp?) and how I can care for it to help it thrive again that would be great! If not, just the name will help me learn more about it.

thank you so much for your help!!

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Castro Valley, CA

To me it looks like a kalanchoe that is etiolated, in need more light in the last photo. Is that plant the same one as in the first photos?

I almost thought the common Kalanchoe blossfeldiana but even if in need of more light, I doubt they get that tall.

Kalanchoe longiflora might be an option. What do you think?
Has it ever flowered for you?

A couple leaves might look damaged on their colored up parts as it looks like the leaves are wrinkling but the rest of them look good. Hard to tell from here. Are they actually brown or reddish blush that could be just normal coloring for this plant if it gets some sun?

Or maybe it is not even a Kalanchoe.

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San Jose, CA

Thanks so much for the response!

Yes, it is the same plant in all the photos. I don't believe it has ever flowered.

The last photo is where my friend had it placed for almost 2 years and it grew tall and the leaves stayed vibrant green. When I moved it to my home, I think I made the mistake of putting it in a spot outside that gets direct sunlight because I think the color change might be a sunburn. The frill like edges are something I've observed to be a normal characteristic of some of the leaves for quite some time now.

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San Jose, CA

I googled Kalanchoe longiflora and I think you might be spot on -- the height is likely the result of etoilation due to the shady spot it was kept in and according to google, the shady spot also keeps the edges from turning the reddish color which is likely why it stayed vibrant green before, but I do think I still burnt it a bit from direct light.

Castro Valley, CA

Glad I could help.

Did you know that succulents, not just your plant type, are so easy and so fun to propagate? Even just a leaf will root if you lay it on damp soil. I had a few even grow roots when they fell off the plant onto a shelf.

Here is a video showing how if you are interested and did not know how to do it.

Photos taken from google.

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