What insect is this?

Mumbai, India

I have a few of these small trees (i think it is Terminalia bellirica but imns) and their leaves are infested with some kind of insect. I thought they will go away on their own but they are not going away. It has been a few years now. Can some one please help me identify this menace and how to eliminate it. I have already tried neem oil spray, soap spray, but it has not worked.

Please help.

The first pic shows that this insect builds some membrane on top of the leaf. I pierced it by fingernail but couldn't see anything moving inside.

The pic 2 shows the leaf from the underside. There is nothing there but the spot has dried.

Pic 3 shows all leaves of the tree are affected.

Pic 4 is close up of a leaf.

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Minot, ND

At first, I thought that these might be lesions caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, but I would consider the possibility of these being the result of feeding by very small caterpillars 'mining' between the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves. Leaves of a related species, Terminalia crenulata, have been reported as being damaged by an "unidentified leaf miner." Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an effective treatment for these insects once they have commenced feeding. Spraying with Neem may work if it is applied before the caterpillars hatch, but it may be very difficult to determine the timing.

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