Plant for privacy screen

Boise, ID

I have an 8í x 2í planter at the base of a deck w/ hot tub and want to plant something tall as a privacy screen. Something with a very upright habit as there is a walkway adjacent to it. Shrubs tend to host a lot of spiders in my area so not preferred. I can contain in a galvanized or concrete planter if needed and ideal height 4-6 feet, all seasons. Iíve been looking at horsetail rushes but Iím not sure theyíll be tall enough. Iím in Zone 6. Any suggestions?

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Miscanthus giganteus...

River Falls, WI

I agree, a grass is the way to go if you want something there all season and donít want to do a shrub. Miscanthus grow tall and stay up well in the winter. I have a super cool sedge that gets 6 feet tall too. I canít remember exactly what it is though.

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