SOLVED: Need help ID\\\'ing this plant in North Texas

Richardson, TX

Hello, I need help ID'ing this plant in North Texas. I found a number of them growing in a neighborhood park by my house in zipcode 75082. I don't know what the mature plants look like or what their size is when they're leafed out. Spring seems to be coming early here. Thank you!

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Those are leaf or petiole galls on some kind of leaf.

Did you pick these up off the ground, or remove them from a plant? Did you take pictures of the plants you collected the leaves from? If there is a branch behind that leaf, take pictures of that and any buds evident (like where the leaf attaches to the branch). All that information is helpful in making IDs.

That said: I think that is a Hackberry (Celtis sp.), and probably Common Hackberry - Celtis occidentalis.

Richardson, TX

Thank you, I think you are right about it being hackberry. The leaves I posted were still on the branches. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mixed trees in our neighborhood park & most deciduous trees have dropped 99% of their leaves. Here are a few more photos of the bark, leaves & berries.

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Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Maybe TX hackberry bark is different from central KY hackberry bark, but the spent dried leaves and the fruit still hanging on the dormant twigs reads Celtis sp. to me.

Celtis laevigata is another common species in North America. I don't claim to know enough about distribution to say which exact species that one is.

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