Strange Insect Burrowed In My Skin

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

I felt something odd sticking out of my back today and thought it a skin tag by the feel of it. It hurt like a skin tag when tugged on it, but I pulled harder, until a moist mole-like brown scaly circle ended up in my finger. There was no blood btw. I panicked, thinking I'd ripped a mole out, until I looked in the mirror and saw this. Whatever it is, I believe I initially ripped off its butt, or egg sac *shudder*.

I tried to tweeze the rest off, but the legs simply broke off, leaving a sizeable and hard-feeling chunk inside my skin. My best friend has been trying to dig it out for a full hour, to no avail. Any idea what that thing is? I'm terrified, not knowing how long it's been in there...

Thumbnail by Doroteya
Minot, ND

Can you provide clearer images, especially of the part you pulled off? At the moment, I cannot think of any insect/arthropod native to your area that would do this.

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