SOLVED: Shrub-like Trees on Merritt Island, Florida

Clarksburg, WV

I need help identifying some shrub-like trees! I have attached 3 images of the 3 major different types that inhabit the area. The location is Merritt Island, Florida. Specifically Zip Code 32815 at Kennedy Space Center. The photos are right next to the crawler-way path.

In the images, I'm seeing 3 different shrub-like tree types. Most appear to be from 15 to 25 feet high.

Red - Appears to be the dominate type. Looks like a huge bush.
Blue - A bit rare, they seem to go together in clumps. They almost look evergreen with potentially smaller needles as leaves.
Yellow - Odd, they're smaller and may or may not be similar to the others above. They don't have leaves.

A third image attached with no identification/circling shows the Red and Yellow types a bit closer. Note the structure of the branches!

I understand that without the leaves, these may be hard to identify. But even just the type of tree that looks similar would be close enough!

Thumbnail by asilevfx Thumbnail by asilevfx Thumbnail by asilevfx
Groveland, FL

Given the locale, that area would be full of Brazilian Pepper, Juniperus viginiana, scrub oaks and Wax Myrtle.

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