SOLVED: Help echeveria or graptopetalum?

Detroit, MI

I am a jewelry designer and I cast (make exact metal replicas of) various succulents and other plants. For the last few years, I have had a collection I called Echeveria. Today I was trying out a new plant identifier app and the plant I have always know as echeveria came up as graptopetalum mendozae. Could anyone help identify the plant in the attached photos I have included the winter and summer versions, as well as the casted result? TIA

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Richmond, TX

I don't know, but I really like your cast.

Dearborn Heights, MI(Zone 6a)


Saint Paul, MN(Zone 4b)

At least one member of Graptopetalum used to be classfied as an Echeveria, and usually Echeverias don't form long scrambling stems like that, so I think it's probably a Graptopetalum.

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