Help with Dracaena Health Issue

Cathcart, WA

I'm hoping for a second opinion and suggestions.

We've had this Dracaena Randy in this location for about a year, and it's in a self-watering pot that works by a sensor and vacuum system. In the last couple months it started developing little brown tips which I thought were related to fluoride in the water so we have switched to using well water that we have access to. However in the last month it had gotten worse so that it's yellowing in patchy spots or from the tip of the leaf, and there's a couple, tho not a lot, of brown spots and or spots that look a little bit wet.

Soil starts feeling damp when you get a couple inches down but not terribly so. there definitely is enough moisture in the soil for it to feel cool and for you to roll it into balls when you rub it between your fingers.

It also sits in an extremely large North facing window and part of the roof is also glass though it's angled so that it should never get any direct sunlight, but an abundance of indirect light.

So my thought is that it's getting over watered somehow by the self-watering pot even though it's been doing fine up until now and I think I have the sensors low in the pot as I can get it. My only other thoughts are that maybe it's more important that the sensor be closer to the root ball then be as low as possible or then maybe I've been opening the vacuum too often to check the water level, but that's max once a week sometimes once every two weeks.

Please note that where the leaves I'm showing are not attached to the plant anymore is not because they have fallen off but because it is in a public area so I have to remove the obviously bad looking leaves.

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