Fertilizing over leaves around spartan junipers

Lorton, VA

We have about 55 spartan junipers that I need to fertilize this spring and they have a lot of leaves around them. I don't really want to remove the leaves to fertilize them since I would have to put them back as my husband wants them as mulch. Can I fertilize over the leaves, and if so would I need to increase the amount of fertilizer?

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

What/how are you planning to fertilize with? Fertilizer formulation, slow release vs. not, granular vs. liquid mix, etc. That could make a difference.

River Falls, WI

If you put fertilizer on top of leaves, you won’t have fertilizer available to the plants as soon, and the leaves will break down faster so they won’t be as helpful for mulch.

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