SOLVED: Help me narrow down this vine

Saint Petersburg, FL

Hi all, so this looks to be some variation of Dioscorea, I found it growing in a house we just bought, yard is completely overgrown. I'm a sugar cane and sweet potato grower (hobbyist) so naturally thought of digging it up and seeing what what kind of yam we got. What kinds of things should I be looking for to identify it as edible or not edible? I know most varieties are not edible so most likely will just enjoy the knowledge unless I can be 100% sure. In the meantime, would be nice to brush up on my plant ID skills. Thanks!

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Saint Petersburg, FL

I just realized, could also be a morning glory. Will take a closer look at stems this evening.

Richmond, TX

It looks a lot like morning glory to me.

Madison, IL(Zone 6b)

I agree. Morning glories come up volunteer all over my yard. They are beautiful, but slightly invasive at times. Enjoy! : )

Saint Petersburg, FL

thanks for the input greenbrain and porkpal! The tough thing is, the also invasive winged yam and air potato are in the morning glory family, and the three are often confused. Only one of those three are edible though, and thats the winged yam! I was thinking maybe Entireleaf Morning Glory, but the things that are throwing me off on this one, its missing the 'hairs' on the face of the leaf, and the overall leaf is a little more slim looking than rounded.

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