Seeds from China, labeled as Geranium

My spouse received these after ordering Geranium seeds, but she's not seen Geranium seeds like these before?

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From China? They could be almost anything.

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Do you know what kind of geranium it was? You might be able to google them and see if there is a photo of the seeds out there.

Did he order his geranium seeds directly from China? What site did he order them from? I know a lot of people were taken when they ordered seeds from eBay. Maybe it is coincidental that those seeds came at the time he was expecting some geranium seeds. Is China known for special geraniums?

How big are those seeds? I found some pics here of some generic seeds. They look pretty small.

All last year people in the US were getting seeds from China unsolicited. The government said do not plant them. I think they had a government site to send them too to see what they all were.

I saw that 1 person planted hers and this is what she got.

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I just googled seeds from China. So many were sent here!! Maybe you will see yours.

Here is some info on the mysterious seeds from China.

So many were sent.
"Approximately 16,000 specimens have been received nationwide and about 5,000 species of seeds that have been identified. The USDA reports 44 countries of origin have been identified."

Thanks everyone. I believe this was a seller on Amazon as part of an order for 5 varieties of plant. When she questioned the seller about it they sent another package, but they were the same seeds. So this was not part of that unsolicited seed weirdness that took place, it would appear to be either perhaps a genuine mistake, or maybe they are some sort of Geranium. A Google search does not seem to have much for seed pictures for Geraniums so that has not helped.

@ZilyZily I had a look at some of those pictures and it appears these could match some of them. My spouse just looked up the transaction on Amazon, and the seller was called, "Baby and Mom Shop", and they only get 38% positive ratings. The order was for "100pcs/Lot Fresh Geranium seeds Pelargonium hortorum flower seeds". It would appear that they still maintain an Amazon storefront, and they ship from Vietnam (my bad assuming it was China I guess, and also I was mistaken, she ordered only Geranium seeds from that seller). However lesson learned, and my spouse is now ordering from domestic suppliers.

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