Tarantula Hawk?

Yumbo, Colombia

Would this be a Tarantula Hawk?

Thumbnail by PitterCol
Minot, ND

It is indeed a spider wasp (family Pompilidae) in the subfamily (Pepsinae) that includes the so-called tarantula hawks - see https://colombia.inaturalist.org/taxa/132781-Pepsinae
The family Pompilidae is well-represented in Colombia, with some 150 species in 38 genera reported. You might find this publication interesting: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/328066384_Fauna_de_Colombia_Avispas_cazadoras_de_aranas_de_Colombia_Hymenoptera_Pompilidae_No_6

Yumbo, Colombia

Thank you, excellent links and information as always

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