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Punta Gorda, FL(Zone 10a)

This is all I have...the image.. no info about it. I have had it for several weeks and have seen some growth so not "slow" growing.

Thumbnail by jfalde
Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Need more info about the plant, other angles of leaves, pics of flowers, where you bought it, usda zones, how you "got it" and anything else you can think of, etc.. The foliage reminds me of hydrangeas but it is too "early" to tell or see hydrangea blooms.

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Punta Gorda, FL(Zone 10a)

Zone 10; given to me by a friend who has no idea where she got it; no flowers yet. I will update as it grows and shows any changes. I do not know how to may a new post say Yes it is new.. could you tell me how to do that when I post something new. Thanks

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

Are you talking about clicking on the "Mark unread" button above, to the left of the "Print" Button and the "Skip to new" Button?

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