Evergreen shrub unknown species

London, United Kingdom

Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can help identify an evergreen shrub which is near to my garden? I need some privacy screening and thought it would be ideal, but sadly it's out of reach and the neighbours don't know what it is either. The picture is a bit hard to make out and cropped for privacy reasons but you can see the basic leaf shape.

I have looked up evergreen shrubs online and found various ones like Pine, Firs, Escallonia, Laurels, Salvia etc. but none match the branch/leaf shape. It is like thin bunches coming out of each stem, not broad shaped leaves. And there are lots of root stems in the ground forming a hedge, not a single central stem. Any ideas at all? It's in the UK so may not be in the US etc.
Thanks! :)

Thumbnail by mrfreeman
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Take a look at Oleander - Nerium oleander.


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