New mama to a Queen of the night

Clarksville, TN

I just bought this massive plant Epiphyllum oxypetalum from a nursery a few towns away from me. I am reading and watching everything I can to grow her. I did repot her but only in a pot slightly larger then the hanging one she came in. I have no idea when she was watered last and how much to give her ( but believe it should be every two weeks) I pinned her up a bit since she’s a climber outdoors. I don’t have her by any doors or vents. I will show her light source. But I do not have a good south facing one. Less then a week ago I brought her home and cleaned her with water and need oil due to some black spots. Today I woke up and see some of her tips are discoloring 😫 please tell me she just needs water. An app is saying root issues. I gave her maybe less then a cup two days ago with some fertilizer liquid. Any feedback or suggestions would be amazing. I love and adore her and want to do my best.

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Wheaton, IL(Zone 5a)

What a beautiful MASSIVE plant. Some plants are just cranky about change and hopefully that's all this is. I'm assuming this isn't in the succulent family so I'll give advice accordingly. In general I would recommend watering when the plant's dry and then watering until it drains out the bottom of the pot. I can't tell what kind of plant you have there so I'll just try generalities. Often plants will have brown tips if there are too many fertilizer salts left over from previous watering I would wait until the next time you water and then bubble it (put it in a sink or pot filled with water then pour on more water and as it soaks in it bubbles) then water some more until the water comes out clear. In the meantime trim off the brown tips and wait and see if that helps. If that doesn't help you may have to change out the old soil. Did you loosen the roots when you repotted it? Good luck with her.

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