Granite City, IL(Zone 6a)

Someone in a Facebook group I'm in posted this photo and others I.D.'d it as Purple Dead Nettle. I get this same weed in my yard also. Since they said it was edible I decided to look for it online to verify that's really what it is and out of the hundreds of photos NOT ONE looks like this plant (only the flowers do... not the leaves, the new leaves or the older ones). So I'm leery of their I.D. Anyone here know for sure what it is? Thanks in advance peeps!

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Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Purple dead nettle and henbit are kissing cousins, there are differences - tho I can not give you those. Personally, I wouldn't eat ANYTHING that said it bit a hen, and the reason we have vegetables is because they tasted better, fed us better, and with less side effects, however, double check to see if they gave you the cousin id, chuckl.

Granite City, IL(Zone 6a)

Thanks! I'll check out henbit. Lots of peeps mentioned eating Purple dead nettle and saying it's delicious.. apparently hasn't killed any of them yet! LOL There are actually recipes out there for it as for many of what we think of as weeds. Seems like lots of foragers are game for most anything (I've sauteed poke weed leaves myself and they are quite delicious)!

Granite City, IL(Zone 6a)

It's Henbit! Thanks so much kittriana for the heads-up.... it helped me solve this mystery!

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