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Commack, NY

Hi Everyone,
My wife and I recently purchased a house back in September of 2020 on Long Island, NY. We have a landscaper who will come once a week to cut the grass during the season. When we moved in we had some dead grass in a small section that i removed and reseeded. It started to grow but I felt we cut it to close to the cold weather. Im looking for advice on how to really make my grass thick and green for the upcoming spring and summer weather. Landscaper already told me he is expensive for maintain grass and were not in a position this year to move forward with those.

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Fort Worth, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi there!
My wife and I also just purchased a home. We are having issues with the grass growing at all because of the erosion. I'm sorry I don't have any advice but I hope to learn from anyone else who offers some. Congratulations on the new home!


Kansas City, MO

The grass was already growing in our new oma, but I realized it was a little wrong. We used fertilizer, lots of water, but that didn't help much either. We need a consultation because there can be a lot of nuances.

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