Parthenocarpic Cucumbers

Edison, NJ

I know it is problematic to plant monoecious and Parthenocarpic cucumbers within at least 150 feet of each other, but can I plan t 2 Parthenocarpic cucumber varieties in the same garden such as Sweet Success and Suyo Long? (I think sumo long may not be parthenocarpic but I also have Diva and Sweet Success and I believe both of these are) . Will they cross pollinate and affect the characteristics of the cucumbers?

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Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Parthenocarpic plants are seedless or have sterile seeds. Suyo long is not parthenocarpic. I have grown it for years and always save seed. I can't always go 150' so I plant fence or trellis crops such as pole beans or tomatoes as a divider.

To me the main advantage in growing parthenocarpic plants is to be able to row cover because of insect problems. Since insect pollination is not required there's no problem. I can't advise on your other varieties as to their parthenocarpy.

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